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Insulation Removal

Why remove existing insulation?

We don’t always recommend the removal of existing insulation, but there are situations when this should be considered:

  • If many bypasses are discoverd in the ceiling of a home where additional work is needed to create an air tight barrier
  • In cases where existing insulation products have broken down and deteriorated to become less effective than new insulation
  • Contamination from bats / rodents leaving fecal matter effecting human health
  • When mold is discovered on roof decking, framing or under existing insulation
  • If the attic is insulated with products such as vermiculite with asbestos

 Vermin love to nest in attics, and often leave behind harmful bacteria from fecal matter that can turn to airborne spores that contaminate a homes air supply.  Removing affected insulation, cleansing with a commercial germicide, and closing off openings to prevent further infestation may be needed to ensure a healthy attic space.

We can remove contaminated insulation, airseal and re-insulate your attic for better energy savings and improved living conditions.